2013 Medicaid Policy Academy

On June 20-22, 45 CSG members gathered in Washington, D.C. for the second annual Medicaid Policy Academy to learn more about Medicaid and how states can improve health outcomes for enrollees and, at the same time, run a more cost efficient program. Attendees had been nominated for attendance by health committee chairs in their home states as "rising stars" who were either new to positions of leadership on Medicaid policy or were likely to soon assume these positions.

Legislators who registered for the program came from 30 states and one territory. Home states are marked in purple in the map below.

On the first day, speakers provided a 30,000 foot overview of the Medicaid program and Medicaid role in state budgeting.

On the second day, attendees listened to a panel of state policymakers explain reforms to their programs in Tennessee, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Connecticut. A special emphasis of the presentations was the role of managed care in each state's Medicaid program. Other speakers adressed specific model programs within Medicaid, for instance patient-centered health homes, or specific populations who require extra support services.

The final day of the Academy concluded interaction between a four person panel and attendees around hot topics including health care costs, Medicaid managed care, Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care Act.

See all the presentations from the Medicaid Policy Academy below. For a copy of the agenda click here.

Robin Rudowitz, Associate Director, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Kaiser Family Foundation

  Download the Presentation: "Medicaid Today and Under the ACA" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Stacey Mazer, Senior Staff Associate, National Association of State Budget Officers

  Download the Presentation: "State Fiscal Outlook" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Darin Gordon, TennCare Director and Deputy Commissioner, Tennnessee Department of Finance and Administration

 Download the Presentation: "The TennCare Experience" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Rep. Steven Walsh, Chair, Health Care Financing Committee, Massachusetts

 Download the Presentation: "Massachusetts Health Care Reforms" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Robert Kerr, management consultant and former Medicaid Director, South Carolina

  Download the Presentation: "Medicaid Managed Care: Lessons Learned" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Rep. Susan Johnson, Co-chair, Public Health Committee, Connecticut

 Download the Presentation: "Recent Changes in Connecticut Medicaid" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Jennifer Ryan, Acting Director of the Children and Adults Health Programs Group, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, U.S. DHHS

  Download the Presentation: "Medicaid (and CHIP) Moving Forward" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Mary Takach, National Academy for State Health Policy

  Download the Presentation: "Medical Homes: Building Blocks to Health System Reform" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Elizabeth Goodman, WellCare Heatlh Plans

  Download the Presentation: "Community Advocacy and Medicaid Health Plans" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Enid Kassner, Director, Livable Communitites/LTSS, AARP Public Policy Institute

  Download the Presentation; "State Initiatives on Dual Eligibles" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Ari Ne'eman, National Council on Disability

  Download the Presentation: "Medicaid Managed Care and People with Disabilities" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Panel Discussion: Taking the Long View: Medicaid Reform and Health Care Reform"

 Download the audio of the panel discussion:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Maria Schiff, Director, State Health Spending Project, Pew Charitable Trusts

Aaron Larrimore, Policy Analyst, National Association for Medicaid Directors

Leighton Ku, professor of the Department of Health Policy and Director of the Center for Health Policy Research, George Washington University

Brian D. Coyne, Senior Vice President, Federal Government Relations, Amerigroup Corporation