2002 Judicial Elections and State Court Reforms

Judicial elections in 2000 and 2002 were far “nastier, noisier and costlier” than ever. Of the five states with hotly contested judicial elections in 2000 (Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi and Ohio), only Ohio and Mississippi were lively again in 2002. But contrary to long-standing tradition and law, judicial elections are becoming more like other elections.

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About the Author
Roy A. Schotland is a professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center and serves as a senior adviser to the National Center for State Courts. A graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law School, he clerked for Justice William J. Brennan Jr. Professor Schotland was co-founder of the Chief Justices’ 2000 Summit on Judicial Selection and the 2001 Symposium on Judicial Campaign Conduct and the First Amendment.

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