2002 Initiatives and Referenda

When it comes to voters’ reactions to initiatives and referenda on the ballot in 2002, “cautious” was the word of the day. Amidst concerns about war, terrorism and the economy, the voters once again defied party labeling and voted their conscience when it came to ballot measures. In a time of great uncertainty, voters picked through the list of statewide ballot measures and systematically made their feelings known, while at the same time not revealing whether their underlying principles lean more liberal or conservative. The great race to categorize the voters’ political beliefs will once again have to wait for another election day.

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About the Author
M. Dane Waters is the founder, president and co-chairman of the Initiative & Referendum Institute, a nonprofit educational and research organization dedicated to the study of the initiative and referendum process. He has lectured widely in the United States and abroad and has written and edited numerous articles and books on the history of the initiative and referendum process.

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