Virtual Learning

CSG Midwest
School closings due to harsh winter weather are nothing new for the Midwest. But this past school year, heavier-than-usual snowfall and a polar vortex led to more shutdowns than usual in some parts of the region, and opened up discussions this year about state laws to help districts adjust.
Among the options considered by legislatures: one, provide “amnesty” to districts during especially bad-weather school years, meaning they’re eligible for full state aid even if they don’t meet state mandates on the number of instructional days; and two, make greater use of virtual learning.

Suggested State Legislature: This Act authorizes school districts to offer Virtual School Programs. Each district program may consist of district-operated or contracted virtual schools. Districts may administer their programs individually, through regional consortiums, or through multi-district contracts.

Suggested State Legislation: This Act creates a digital learning academy to provide choice, accessibility, flexibility, quality and equity in curricular offerings for secondary students. The Act sets up a board of directors for the academy and provides for liability insurance for academy directors. The Act creates a Digital Learning Academy Fund and designates the digital learning academy as an employer within the state public employee retirement system.