Top 5 in 2017

CSG Director of Fiscal and Economic Development Policy Jennifer Burnett outlines the top five issues in fiscal policy for 2017, including fiscal uncertainty, public employee retirement, health care costs, data- and evidence-based decision-making, and labor markets.

CSG Director of Education and Workforce Development Policy Elizabeth Whitehouse and Education and Workforce Development Policy Analyst Donna Counts outline the top five issues in workforce development policy for 2017, including skills and apprenticeships, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act implementation, wages and benefits, occupational licensure and workforce re-entry.

CSG Director of Education Policy Elizabeth Whitehouse outlines the top five issues in education policy for 2017, including the Every Student Succeeds Act, child care, skills and apprenticeships, physical activity in schoools, and college and career readiness.

CSG National Center for Interstate Compacts Colmon Elridge outlines the top five issues in interstate compacts for 2017, including autonomous vehicles, occupational licensing, prescription drug monitoring, infrastructure revitalization and criminal investigations. 

CSG Director of Health Policy Deb Miller outlines the top five issues in health policy for 2017, including Medicaid reform, ACA repeal and replace, prescription drug costs, social determinants of health, and the opioid epidemic.