CSG Midwest
The Midwest is expected to lose three congressional seats and electoral college votes — and maybe more — during the nation’s next reapportionment, the political consulting firm Election Data Services notes in its most recent analysis of population trends.
The firm’s findings are based on U.S. Census Bureau estimates from December. That data show Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota losing one seat each. Ohio also loses one when trends are projected to 2020 — the year when populations are calculated to determine each state’s number of U.S. House seats. These numbers also impact the distribution of federal funds to states and local communities.
CSG Midwest
The Midwest stands to lose four U.S. House seats and four Electoral College votes following the 2020 Census and reapportionment, if population-shift projections from Election Data Services, Inc., are correct.
EDS uses the U.S. Census Bureau’s total population estimates for its forecast.