Mobile Devices

A survey released today by AAA and Seventeen magazine reports that nearly nine in ten teenage drivers have engaged in distracted-driving behaviors - such as texting and talking on cell phones, adjusting radios, driving with four or more passengers, and applying makeup - even though they know that their actions increase their risk of an accident.

Using a mobile device while driving - either talking on a cellphone or sending text messages - has significant negative effects on driver performance.  The National Safety Council estimates that 1.6 million crashes annually are the result of drivers using mobile devices.  States are combating driver distraction with laws limited the use of mobile devices by drivers.

Summary:  Sending and receiving text messages while driving is just one aspect of a much larger problem - distracted driving.  Driver inattention is the leading cause of traffic crashes, responsible for an estimated 80 percent of all collisions.  While cell phone use is just one aspect of distracted driving, the rapid proliferation of the devices has put texting and talking at the forefront of the battle for safer roadways.