Foster Care

In Fulton v. City of Philadelphia the Supreme Court will decide whether local governments may refuse to contract with foster care agencies who will not work with gay couples…and possibly much, much more.

The City of Philadelphia long contracted with Catholic Social Services (CSS) to place foster care children. The City stopped doing so when it discovered CSS wouldn’t work with same-sex couples. Philadelphia requires...

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The opioid crisis in Ohio has made the need for foster care families greater than ever, and the state launched a new website and public awareness campaign in January to get more children placed in safe, loving homes. Ohio has nearly 16,000 children in the custody of county children services agencies. Since 2013, the number of children entering the state’s foster care system has risen 24 percent. Many of these individuals are quite young —17 percent of the foster care population is under 12 months of age and 35 percent is 3 years old and younger.

Oregon has become the 17thstate to enact legislation granting college tuition waivers for foster children. The Oregon Senate voted 25-4 in favor of House Bill 3471, sending it to Gov. John Kitzhaber for consideration.

The bill is intended to increase access to postsecondary institutions for foster children. Under the Oregon legislation, participating students will be required to complete 30 hours of community service each year.

This Act directs the state housing and development authority to determine the number of homeless people, including homeless children, in the state, and the number of homeless people in the state who are not residents of the state; oversee and encourage a regional homeless delivery system; and facilitate the dissemination of information to help people access local resources related to homelessness, housing, and community development.

At a time when good news seems to be scarce, the number of U.S. children in foster care is down sharply, according to new data released by the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services. The number of foster children fell by over 20 percent during the last decade, from 540,000 in care ten years ago to 423,773 in care on September 30, 2009.