The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center, a CSG Associate, has issued holiday shopping tips for consumers. Through its Dangerous Fakes campaign, the center is issuing consumer alert tips to empower holiday shoppers to make smart decisions and avoid counterfeits. The center suggests 10 tips to avoid dangerous fakes.

As director of the West Virginia Equal Employment Opportunity Office, Jann Hoke is responsible for training on issues related to equal opportunities and employment. She used to present a two-hour lecture on changes in the law and what’s new from the state Supreme Court and her office. The training is targeted to equal employment opportunity counselors, who may work in human resources or in another role for their agency. “In the past,” she said, “I’ve been very rigid about the way I presented the law and changes in the law. “Not only was it boring, but it wasn’t helping them do their job.” All of that changed last summer. Hoke was a 2013 Council of State Governments Toll Fellow and learned enough about herself through the leadership training to discover that she needed to change things. She thought her leadership style was more free, “more loosey, goosey,” as she puts it. It turned out that her leadership fell more along the lines of a play-by-the-rules, more rigid style.

ALBERTA, Canada--The Canadian oil sands are a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay, water and bitumen, which is a very heavy crude. Bitumen is separated from the sand and upgraded to refinery-ready crude oil. A Canadian Consulate-sponsored tour of the area gives an up-close look at the energy supply, as well as a way of life in Alberta.

While a double helix contains all of a person's genetic code and greatly shapes what they can or will become, a triple helix may just contain most of the information states need to help shape what their economies will become. The triple helix approach to economic development involves a system that allows university researchers, industry leaders and state economic development agencies to easily collaborate.

Sannie Overly made history this year. The 2013 Council of State Governments Henry Toll Fellow became the first woman elected to a leadership position in the Kentucky House of Representatives. Even though it's not always easy, Overly encourages young men and particularly young women to pursue a role in public service.