With different parties controlling the House of Representatives and Senate, gridlock has been a prominent theme in the 112th Congress. The federal government nearly shut down earlier this year, the annual appropriations bills are barely creeping along and the debate over the debt ceiling has consumed most of the legislative agenda. Unfortunately, this means many important federal items due for reauthorization, like a multi-year transportation bill, face a very uncertain fate.

With the debt ceiling negotiations stalled, and the August 2 deadline looming, the White House convened a conference call on Wednesday, June 13 to lay out the President's position and explore the impact of the impasse on states.  The call, hosted by the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, featured a discussion led by David Kamin, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy. 

According to a new CSG report, stimulus-funded green jobs topped 51,700 in the sixth and final quarter of the Recovery Act. The report updates past CSG green job reports, the first, released in December 2009, which found that roughly 13,000 green jobs were created or saved in the first quarter of the Recovery Act.