2015 CSG National Conference

State leaders must evaluate risks and invest in protecting state government against cyberattacks. That’s according to experts who discussed cybersecurity at the 2015 CSG National Conference in Nashville, Tenn., in an attempt to prepare state leaders for the inevitable.

Life in prison is hard—and it’s designed to be that way. But for the 70 million Americans with a criminal record living outside prison walls, life in the community also can be pretty tough. In addition to finding stable housing, reuniting with families and addressing substance abuse issues, individuals with criminal records often face serious barriers to finding a job.

Civics education is the first step towards creating engaged citizens and effective public leaders for the future. Experts and policymakers gathered at the Civics Education in the States session sponsored by the CSG Federalism Task Force Dec. 12 during the 2015 CSG National Conference in Nashville, Tenn., to discuss how states are, and are not, teaching future generations about how the government works and the roles and powers of state and federal governments.

Smith was the keynote speaker at the Dec. 12 luncheon at the 2015 CSG National Conference in Nashville, Tenn. “From my experience in business,” Smith said, “there are three broad categories of things that [state leaders] can do to help make a healthier economy.”

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, The Council of State Governments encourages state policymakers to recognize the value the electric grid delivers to all and to: evaluate the system-wide benefits and costs of distributed generation (including costs and benefits relating to the investment in and operation of generation and the transmission and distribution grid) so that those costs and benefits relating to distributed generation can be appropriately allocated and made transparent to regulators, legislators and consumers; and facilitate the continued provision of safe, reliable, resilient, secure, cost-effective, and environmentally sound energy services at fair and affordable electric rates as new and innovative technologies are added to the energy mix; and update policies and regulations to ensure that everyone who benefits from the electric power grid helps pay to maintain it and to keep it operating reliably at all times.