2014 SSL Volume

The CSG Committee on Suggested State Legislation convened on Saturday, June 22, 2013 to review 81 bills on the second and final docket of the 2014 SSL cycle. Several topics including online gaming, teacher tenure, gun safety, and law enforcement use of drones were addressed by the committee.

The Act amends state insurance law to allow the officials to issue certificates to a charitable bail organization to deposit money as bail under certain circumstances for individuals who cannot afford to do so themselves.

The Act provides eligible public school students educational options that offer academically challenging curriculum or accelerated instruction. It requires school districts to adopt policies for early graduation upon the completion of 24 credit hours, the creation of career-themed training courses, and it revises provisions relating to articulated acceleration mechanisms and dual enrollment programs. The Act also requires a comprehensive student progression plan to include information on accelerated educational options.

The rapid expansion of aerial surveillance technology with unmanned vehicles like drones was an issue of significant concern and interest across states. The signaling by the Federal Aviation Administration to open up more air space for commercial use by drones, and their application for law enforcement purposes precipitated the passage of several pieces of legislation across the country adding new parameters on the use of this transformational technology.

The Act makes it a Class C misdemeanor to use fraudulent military records to obtain benefits intended for those who have actually served in the military.