2010 CSG Economic Summit of the States

Welcome to The Council of State Governments' Economic Summit of the States.  As the nation's only nonpartisan, netural convener of state government officials from all three branches, CSG has planned this Economic Summit to provide a platform for state legislators, key legislative staff, state executive branch officials, state judicial officials and private-sector partners to exchange ideas and insights, develop creative solutions, and consider how to transform state government and the economies of the states. 

This session focused on how states can grow their energy economy and thereby spur job creation. Participants engaged in a discussion with nationally recognized experts and learned the potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency to generate jobs and savings as well as what they can do at the state level to create jobs. Panelists also shared programs their states have initiated in an effort to promote energy efficiency and enhance the economy.

During times of recession, businesses cut back because of a lack of demand for their products, but not so for state governments. As states are losing revenue and having to make do with less—residents hit hard by the down economy often need government services more.

Idaho Rep. Maxine Bell knows what’s at stake with the new federal health care reform law.

“This is going to be an issue that could literally turn our budget upside down,” Bell said.

E-newsletter Issue #47 | May 27, 2010

States face a loss of 10 percent of their federal Byrne Justice Assistance grants if they don’t find a way to comply with the Adam Walsh Act by next year.

Problem is, the cost to implement provisions that would bring them into compliance could cost even more than what they could lose.