Public Safety

Suggested State Legislation: This Act directs that no person, other than the recipient of a call, shall use any Internet caller identification equipment or Internet phone equipment in such a manner as to make a number or name, other than the residential or business phone number or legal or business name of the subscriber or registered user of the Internet phone service, appear on a caller identification system of the recipient of the call. The Act does not apply to service providers who transmit caller identification information created or supplied by others.

Suggested State Legislation: This Act:
• requires certain state agencies adopt rules regulating access to the confidential personal information the agencies keep, whether paper or electronic;
• provides that a person harmed by a violation of a rule of a state agency adopted under the Act may bring an action in a court of claims against any person who directly and proximately caused the harm,

Suggested State Legislation: This Act attempts to balance the need for housing registered adult sex offenders with citizen concerns about housing such offenders in residential areas. The Act generally limits the number of registered sex offenders who can live together in residential housing at two. However, it grants exceptions to this rule and gives cities and counties the authority to exceed the limit if the cities and counties meet certain criteria when locating residential housing for registered sex offenders.

Suggested State Legislation: This Act makes it a crime to use an electronic device to entice a child’s guardian to engage in unlawful sexual acts with the child and makes it a crime to travel within or to and from the state to engage in unlawful sexual acts with a child.

Submitted as:
Illinois, Public Act 095-090, SB 2382
Status: Enacted into law in...

A vital tool for policymakers across the region, Comparative Data Reports (CDRs) offer a snapshot of conditions on a number of issues. Published annually, the CDRs track a multitude of revenue sources, appropriations levels, and performance measures in Southern states, and provide a useful tool to state government officials and staff. CDRs are available for adult correctional systems, comparative revenues and revenue forecasts, education, Medicaid, and transportation.

Suggested State Legislation: This Act is based on Michigan law. This Act:
• allows a judge or district court magistrate to order a defendant charged with a crime involving domestic violence, to carry or wear a global positioning system (GPS) device as a condition of release;

Suggested State Legislation: NetChoice is “A coalition of trade associations, ecommerce businesses, and online consumers, all of whom share the goal of promoting convenience, choice and commerce on the Net.” (see NetChoice developed a model law in 2008 based upon compilation of sections from legislation that has been passed in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri and Virginia to empower parents, educate children and catch and control sexual predators on the Internet. The model Act is designed to create a comprehensive approach for empowering parents, protecting children and pursuing and controlling child predators on the Internet.

Suggested State Legislation: This SSL draft was originally based on legislation proposed by the National Institute of Justice. The bill outlines protocols law enforcement can adopt to handle missing person cases, identify human remains, and provide timely information to families of missing persons about the progress of their family members’ cases.

Suggested State Legislatoin: This Act prohibits a public or private employer from prohibiting a customer, employee, or invitee from possessing any legally owned firearm that is lawfully possessed and locked inside or locked to a private motor vehicle in a parking lot.

Suggested State Legislation: This Act requires a law enforcement agency that receives a report of a missing person to take certain steps to locate the missing person. It also requires a coroner having custody of unidentified human remains take certain steps to attempt to identify the remains.