Sex Offenses

Suggested State Legislation: NetChoice is “A coalition of trade associations, ecommerce businesses, and online consumers, all of whom share the goal of promoting convenience, choice and commerce on the Net.” (see NetChoice developed a model law in 2008 based upon compilation of sections from legislation that has been passed in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri and Virginia to empower parents, educate children and catch and control sexual predators on the Internet. The model Act is designed to create a comprehensive approach for empowering parents, protecting children and pursuing and controlling child predators on the Internet.


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments strongly opposes SORNA’s application to juvenile sex offenders and urges Congress to revise the law to more accurately address the needs of juvenile offenders.

Suggested State Legislation: Florida Chapter 143 of 2007 enhances penalties for existing crimes related to possession of child pornography when the offender possesses ten or more images and at least one image includes a child under the age of five; sadomasochistic abuse, sexual battery or sexual bestiality involving a child; or any video or live movie involving a child.

Suggested State Legislation:This Act requires a registered sex offender to provide their online identifier and the name of any website or Internet communication service where they use the identifier to a sheriff; requires an offender to confirm the identifier each year and to notify a sheriff in person or electronically of any changes to the identifier; mandates that a sheriff must forward any changes of an offender’s required online identifier to the state department of public safety (DPS).