Prevention and Public Health

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that due to the potentially serious health impacts of climate change, The Council of State Governments urges state and local policymakers to consider policies and programs that support public health actions to prepare for and address health risks related to climate change.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments urges state and local policymakers to consider and adopt policies and programs that address the public health effects of climate change on vulnerable populations.

Suggested State Legislation:  This Act creates a Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank for postnatal tissue and fluid and creates a Commission for Saving the Cure. The legislation directs the Commission for Saving the Cure to develop a program to educate pregnant patients with respect to the banking of postnatal tissue and fluid.

Suggested State Legislation: This Act enables small employer insurance carriers to offer premium credits or discounts to small companies whose employees participate in wellness or disease management programs.

Suggested State Legislation:  This Act requires the state department of public health to implement policies and procedures for health care providers and health care facilities in the state to help prevent and control Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs).

CSG South

2004 marked the 20th anniversary of the Southern Regional Project on Infant Mortality, a joint effort by the SLC and the Southern Governors' Association. This special series report reviews the successes and failures of the past 20 years and assesses the work of the Project. It also compares statistical data on the various preventative programs and measures available in each state, and highlights the current basic government provisions used to curtail the infant death rate.