Online Learning

Virtual schools offer the promise of equalizing access to quality curriculum and  improving student oucomes.

Suggested State Legislation: 2007 Wisconsin Act 222 defines a virtual charter school as a charter school that provides an online learning program. The Act exempts for a limited time people who teach in virtual charter schools from having a teaching license or permit issued by the state department of public instruction. However, it requires that beginning July 1, 2013, no person may teach an online course in a public or charter school unless he or she has completed a professional development program, approved by state department of public instruction, that is designed to prepare a teacher for online teaching.

Suggested State Legislation: This Act creates a digital learning academy to provide choice, accessibility, flexibility, quality and equity in curricular offerings for secondary students. The Act sets up a board of directors for the academy and provides for liability insurance for academy directors. The Act creates a Digital Learning Academy Fund and designates the digital learning academy as an employer within the state public employee retirement system.

Suggested State Legislature: This Act authorizes school districts to offer Virtual School Programs. Each district program may consist of district-operated or contracted virtual schools. Districts may administer their programs individually, through regional consortiums, or through multi-district contracts.