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As of late May, a series of proposed reforms to Ohio’s criminal justice system had passed the House with near-unanimous bipartisan support and had the backing of Republican Gov. John Kasich. 

In response to mounting budget pressures, state governments have cut aid to local governments. At the same time, policymakers are calling for more efficiency at the local level in order to make the most of limited financial resources.

A new report highlights state efforts to abandon the practice of charging older youth in the adult justice system.

A new CSG report takes a look at what states will face after enhanced federal Medicaid funds run out in mid-2011.

CSG Midwest looks at how much states charge for hunting and fishing licenses, as well as the discounts offered for different groups of people.

Last month, Illinois became the 16th state to abolish the death penalty when Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill passed by the legislature in January. A moratorium on executions had been in place since 2000, when Gov. George Ryan cleared Death Row amid concerns about wrongful convictions in the justice system, reports the Chicago Tribune.

This brief from the Midwestern Legislative Conference Health and Human Services Committee explores what actions states must take this year in order to set up health insurance exchanges.

States in the Midwest are looking for new strategies to trim costs in their second-largest budget item: Medicaid.

In November, the federal government issued regulations that spell out how much insurance companies must spend on medical care.


States around the Midwest are preparing to redistrict congressional and legislative seats, and Iowa's process remains a unique model in the region -- and the nation.


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