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It isn’t encouraging when a professor from the Columbia University Law School, who specializes in redistricting, tells you that your state will almost certainly be sued when redistricting takes place across the country next year.

“You are going to get sued,” said Nathaniel Persily, the professor in question, at the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee meeting Sunday afternoon. ”That’s true. There’s going to be a lot of that.”

One of the big issues that may be generating some of the lawsuits concerns how prisoners...

The Council of State Governments’ Elections Center offers our members and other interested parties data and analysis regarding the 2010 midterm elections. Looking at elections in all three branches of state government from across the nation, the Elections Center is a resource for both pre- and post-election party control data and how the outcomes might affect various policy areas heading into 2011.

Below are a list of pre-election resources. For analysis of the election and lists of winning candidates, please see the Election Center

Ohio has once again lived up to its "bellwether" moniker. With Republican John Kasich's apparent gubernatorial victory and the Republicans now firmly in control of both the state Senate and House, Ohio seems to be a representation of what is happening around the nation.

After only two years in control of the House, unofficial results indicate that Democrats have given control back to the Republicans once again. In 2008, riding the wave of enthusiasm for change, voters in Ohio put Democrats in charge of the House after 14...

Unofficial results for both Maryland and West Virginia show that Democrats will remain strong in both state legislatures.While Republicans made ever-so-slight gains in West Virginia, they were only able to pick up one seat in each chamber in Maryland.

According to early election returns, the West Virginia Senate will be composed of 28 D and 6 R, while the House will have a 65 D to 35 R split after the Republicans were able to pick up six seats. 

The Maryland Senate will now be 34 D and 13 R and the House will...

What was once old may become new again when polls close across the country this evening. In five states and one territory, former governors are looking to gain back the office that they once held. Past governors of California, Georgia, Guam, Iowa, Maryland and Oregon are hoping to come out ahead and regain the position that they served in years ago.

When Coloradans head to the polls tomorrow, their vote for governor may not just determine who is next to lead their state. It may also affect where Republican Party candidates are positioned on the ballot in 2012.

E-newsletter Issue #58/October 29, 2010

In less than a week, voters will head to the polls to determine who will lead their states into 2011 and beyond. In contrast to the huge Democratic successes of 2008, the upcoming election appears to be less than promising for the party. Republicans are looking to make significant gains in both the state houses and governor’s mansions. The question on Nov. 2 will not be if Democrats will lose control of...

E-Newsletter #57, October 14, 2010

Voters across the country will hit the polls Nov. 2 to elect new state leaders and voice their opinion on ballot questions. The 2010 midterm elections are filled with key statewide races.

Trends in the compensation of officials from all three branches of state government.


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