CSG Committee on Suggested State Legislation

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The rapid expansion of aerial surveillance technology with unmanned vehicles like drones was an issue of significant concern and interest across states. The signaling by the Federal Aviation Administration to open up more air space for commercial use by drones, and their application for law enforcement purposes precipitated the passage of several pieces of legislation across the country
adding new parameters on the use of this transformational technology.

This Act requires two hours of training in youth suicide awareness and prevention as a requirement for the renewal of credentials of individuals employed in a middle school or high school in the state. The Act requires the Department of Education to develop training guidelines and materials to be used in local school districts.

The subjects of reforming teacher tenure and promoting teacher effectiveness have been high-profile issues across several states due to significant implications for both education and fiscal policy. Legislation passed in Louisiana, Maine and New Jersey are recent examples other states may wish to consider when examining the potentially controversial issues surrounding the process of changing or modifying existing tenure programs for public educators.

This Act allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to establish an electronic titling program for new motor vehicles. The DMV will refrain from issuing a certificate of title in paper form and, instead, shall create only the electronic record of such title to be retained by the Department in its existing electronic title record system with a notation that no certificate of title has been printed on paper.

The Act authorizes investor-owned natural gas utilities to petition its economic regulator (the State Corporation Commission) to implement a separate rider that will allow for recovery of certain costs associated with eligible pipeline replacement projects.

The Act gives non-utility electricity consumers the ability to buy power directly from renewable energy generators, and it requires the Public Service Commission to approve contracts for electric service from renewable energy facilities.

The growth in popularity of interactive and online gaming has led several states to pursue new legislative measures to capture the potential revenue streams and opportunities that IT technology could provide. New Jersey and Nevada passed authorizing legislation for these activities, in addition to new interstate compact language, that could be of interest to other states.

This Act requires a vessel owner, within 20 days of becoming an owner or within 20 days of when the vessel becomes used principally on the waters of the state, to apply for a certificate of title. However, no application is required for a federally documented vessel, a foreign documented vessel, a barge, a vessel under construction, or a vessel owned by a dealer.

he Act seeks to create uniformity and in efficiency in the just resolution of custody issues when an a member of the armed service is deployed by trying to balance of interests and protecting the rights of the service member, the other parent, and above all the best interest of the children involved.

The purpose of the Act is to provide an effective remedy in the event a state presidential elector fails to vote in accordance with the voters of his or her state.


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