The Who, Watt, When of Modernizing Power Grids

The Who, Watt, When of Modernizing Power Grids

Presented by CSG Energy & Environment Public Policy Committee

Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, 8:30 - 10 a.m., Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Jasmine GH

In states across the country, few topics are as hot with state policymakers as grid modernization. From California and New York to Ohio and Nevada, states and utilities are investigating how best to upgrade the electric power grid to enhance its efficiency and integrate more clean energy technologies. At the same time, large scale investment in grid modernization triggers key questions: Is it worth it? How can states maximize the potential benefits of grid modernization? As utilities come to the table for grid modernization funds, state policymakers have an opportunity to plan now to get ahead of the process and generate the most benefits from those investments. This session will explore strategies for wisely designing a grid modernization program that can guide utility investment and increase the chances that customers get the most out of grid modernization efforts.


The Energy & Environment Public Policy Committee will also consider two resolutions:

Speaker Biographies

Sonia Aggarwal, Vice President, Energy Innovation

Aggarwal leads Energy Innovation’s work on Power Sector Transformation and Energy Policy Solutions initiatives and provides tailored advice to decision-makers—utility regulators, governors’ staffs, power system operators, and many more—on how to lead and support the transition to a decarbonized power system. In 2012, Sonia spearheaded the creation of America’s Power Plan, Energy Innovation’s platform for innovative thinking on policy solutions for clean, reliable, and affordable electric power. Before Energy Innovation, Sonia managed global research at ClimateWorks Foundation, worked on the McKinsey carbon abatement cost curves, advised the International Energy Agency’s “Accelerating Technology Transitions” project, advised clean energy companies on technology and financial communications, and even worked in accident prevention design engineering at a nuclear power plant.

Jeffrey Ackermann, chairman, Colorado Public Utilities Commission  

Ackerman was appointed chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission effective January 9, 2017 by Gov. John Hickenlooper. Prior to his appointment, Ackermann served as executive director of the Colorado Energy Office (CEO). Under his leadership, CEO made significant strides in improving innovative production and efficient consumption of Colorado’s energy resources. He has more than three decades of experience in state government and the energy sector.  Previous to his CEO appointment, Jeff led the research efforts at the PUC, focusing on issues ranging from electric system planning to the regulatory implications of emerging technologies.  Jeff also served as an advisor to the commissioners on energy efficiency (demand-side management).

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