West Virginia Showcases Successful Voter Registration Drives in High Schools

October proved to be a successful month for civic engagement in West Virginia as voter registration drives in high schools across the state led to over a thousand registered high school students.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner announced on November 1 that during the first month of statewide effort to register high school students to vote, 1,096 high school students were registered.

FairVote promotes registering high school students to vote through their 100% Registration Project. As low voter turnout is rampant among the young voter demographic, the project’s goal is to educate students on the voting process in addition to having them register to vote by the time they graduate high school. Research has shown that voting is a habitual behavior that if developed as young people become eligible will lead to them becoming frequent voters.

The guidance of school administrators and election officials is crucial to orchestrating high school voter registration drives, however, FairVote stresses the importance of student involvement by searching for students who assist in bringing drives to their schools and tailoring each drive to best suit the school.

Thirteen West Virginia high schools have conducted voter registration drives so far, while an additional fourteen are planned for November. In order to successfully execute these drives, the Secretary of State’s Field Services Team works alongside county clerks and principals to organize the efforts.