Upcoming Webinar on Mississippi River Watershed Restoration - Oct. 9th

CSG's upcoming webinar, "Restoring the Mississippi River Watershed" will highlight an initiative driven by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Louisiana Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne called the "Big River Works." Please join us at 2PM/Eastern on October 9th for this informative event. For registration information, please click here.

Our feature speaker will be Valsin Marmillion, managing director of America’s WETLAND Foundation and leader of the Big River Works coalition which is made up of stakeholders from agriculture, manufacturing, and resource development industries as well as environmental groups and NGOs interested in finding constructive solutions to repair and restore the Mississippi River watershed that has been impacted by decades of dredging and channeling.

The Mississippi River watershed stretches across 31 states and two Canadian provinces moving over 90 percent of the nation’s agriculture exports and provides critical habitat for the entire North American continent’s migratory birds and fish species, and numerous economic benefits and important cultural connections touching nearly 60 percent of the entire country’s population.

Marmillion's presentation will cover the scope of the Big River Works, the progress being made thus far, and upcoming regional forums planned throughout the year that will provide opportunities for significant state participation to have their voices heard.  For more information on the Big River Works program, please click here.

We hope you will make time to attend this important event!