Top Five States That Gained/Lost Government Jobs in 2014

According CSG's analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, throughout 2014, state government employment grew by 0.5 percent overall compared to 2.6 percent growth in the private sector. State government employment grew in 32 states, remained the same in four states and shrunk in 14 states.

Among states losing employment, losses in Louisiana were the most significant– contracting by 4.2 percent – followed by North Carolina (3.8 percent) and Alaska (1.9 percent). State government employment in Indiana grew the most over this period – by 5.3 percent – followed by Utah (4.4 percent) and Hawaii (4.1 percent). In absolute terms, California added the greatest number of state government positions – 13,200 – while North Carolina lost the greatest number – 7,900.