Take Your State’s Transportation System to the Next Level

Today, Sean Slone and I release our latest report, Green Transportation.  The report highlights several initiatives states are taking to green-up their transportation system, including developing alternative fuels and electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as adopting policies that seek to reduce the overall number of vehicles on the road.

It’s obvious that the feds have neither the ability nor the will to pass climate change legislation, and that has left the states in a position to take charge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, something they have endeavored to do admirably on all fronts, from implementing renewable portfolio standards to requiring state fleets run on E85, an ethanol/gasoline mix composed of 85% ethanol.

And aside from mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, such policies also serve to balance out our nation’s transportation portfolio and moderate our dependence on foreign sources of oil, both of which have positive economic and foreign policy implications. 

With the offshore drilling fiasco in the forefront of everyone’s minds, there isn’t a better time to explore the initiaitves we have highlighted in Green Transportation.