Supreme Court Summary: It’s All About the States

To say the Supreme Court’s October 2011 term was “all about the states” is hardly an overstatement.  The two most prominent cases of the term—the Affordable Care Act case and the Arizona immigration case—were both about states’ rights.  (And if the Court takes a gay marriage case next term it will be states’ rights round two). 

In all the excitement perhaps you are unclear on the exact holding of the Arizona immigration case (there were four issues after all) or wonder how the Court reached its conclusions in the Affordable Care Act case.  And maybe you wonder what else happened at the Court last term that went mostly unnoticed but will have a big impact on states.  Well, a lot did actually.  For starters, the Court issued opinions in a number of qualified immunity cases, ruled on strip searches in jails, and tackled police use of GPS to track suspected criminals.  The State and Local Legal Center summarizes here all the cases—big and small—relevant to states and describes the impact of each case for states.