States Place Their Bets

The Supreme Court’s decision in May to overturn the prohibition on sports betting in the states has unleashed a torrent of activity at the state level leading up to the opening of 2019 legislative sessions. Some states have already moved to allow sports betting – Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia – while the majority have taken a wait-and-see approach.

CSG will convene a day-long series of panels designed to help policymakers navigate the policy implications of legalized sports betting during the States Place Their Bets Policy Academy at the CSG 2018 National Conference. 

The day begins with an in-depth briefing detailing what the Supreme Court decision did and its impact on states as well as a panel discussion about what other legal obstacles states face as they seek to legalize sports betting. 

Participants will then receive an overview of the current sports betting landscape. While most state policymakers are familiar with lotteries and para-mutual wagering, most legislators and regulators have a steep learning curve around the intricacies of sports betting. This panel will also provide attendees with a synopsis of other emerging forms of gaming like online betting, eSports and in-game wagering.

In the afternoon, we take a closer look at states that have moved forward with authorizing sports wagering and discuss best practices for regulation, implementation, impacts to state budgets, social costs, tourism, and how emerging forms of gaming will impact more traditional modes like pari-mutuel wagering and state lotteries.

The day ends with a town-hall type discussion exploring the question of how an interstate compact could enhance interstate monitoring of sports wagering transactions for fraud or illegality and provide for a robust consumer protection that is state driven. This discussion will look at how interstate cooperation could create a mechanism for efficiently transmitting proceeds from sports betting across states—especially from online entities—and forestall federal intervention. A compact could also set state-driven, national standards that would reduce opportunities for regulatory arbitrage.

The States Place Their Bets Policy Academy will be held Dec. 5 in conjunction with the CSG 2018 National Conference in Northern Kentucky—Greater Cincinnati.