States Perform Updated with New Measures in Energy, Environment, and Corrections

States Perform, CSG’s interactive performance measurement website, has been updated with additional measures in the Energy and Environment and Public Safety and Justice areas.  The energy and environment measures illuminate green building, alternative fuel vehicles, and renewable energy utilization in the states.  The public safety and justice measures provide an up-to-date picture of state prison populations and criminal recidivism.  Read on for sample insights from the new data. 

Energy and Environment

Green Building Efforts – LEED Certified Building Space Per Capita

  • The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a recognized indicator of sustainable building practices.  States added an average of 1.57 square feet in LEED certified building space per resident in 2010. 
  • Nevada experienced the largest expansion in LEED certified space in 2010 – 10.92 square feet per resident.
  • Fourteen additional states bested the national average.  Rounding out the top five overall were New Mexico (6.35 sq. ft.), New Hampshire (4.49 sq. ft.), Oregon (4.07 sq. ft.), and South Carolina (3.14 sq. ft.). 

Renewable Energy Utilization – Renewable Energy’s Share of Total Net Energy Generation (Percent)

  • Renewable energy accounted for about 14 percent of states’ total net energy generation on average in 2009.
  • Renewable energy accounted for 86 percent of the energy generated in Idaho in 2009 – the highest proportion in any state.
  • Three more states generated over half their energy from renewable sources in 2009 – Washington (75 percent), Oregon (66 percent), and South Dakota (59 percent).

Public Safety and Justice

Repeat Offenders – Recidivism

  • On average, 40 percent of inmates released from state prisons in 2004 committed a  new crime or technical violation over the next three years (2004-07, newest available data).
  • In Minnesota, 62 percent of inmates released in 2004 committed a new crime or technical violation over the following three year period – the highest reported recidivism rate in the country. 
  • Recidivism rates also exceeded 50 percent in California (58 percent), Missouri (54 percent), Utah (53 percent), Illinois (52 percent), and Alaska (51 percent).

To see where your state stands on these and other outcomes, visit States Perform online.  Contact CSG Program Manager, Research and Special Projects, Jennifer Burnett at 859-244-8114 or for more information.