Several Midwest states get high rankings for budget management

Indiana, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Iowa have made the top-10 list in a recent U.S. News & World Report study that explores how well state governments are being administered across the country. Four metrics were used to evaluate all 50 states: fiscal stability, government digitalization, budget transparency and state integrity.

Indiana ranked No. 1 overall, thanks to a high credit rating from Moody’s and strong policies on budget transparency.

  • Wisconsin’s fourth-place ranking was due in part to the state having a fully funded pension system.
  • North Dakota ranked No. 7 and got high marks for budget management.
  • Ranked No. 10, Iowa has a high credit rating from Moody’s and finished near the top in the study’s evaluation of “state integrity.”
U.S. News & World Report also explored state economies, education and health care systems, crime rates and infrastructure to come up with an overall ranking for “how well states are performing for their citizens.” Minnesota ranked third overall (highest in the Midwest), the result of factors such as low poverty and incarceration rates, a strong education system, and widespread health care access.
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