Resolution in Support of Sustainability of Military Installations and their Surrounding Communities

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All Resolutions Passed at the 2009 Annual Conference

WHEREAS, the President, in two executive orders, E.O. 13423, January 26, 2007, and E.O. 13514, October 5, 2009, has adopted sustainability as the policy of the Federal government in order to “promote energy security, protect the interests of taxpayers and safeguard the health of the environment”, and has directed Federal agencies and federal facilities to lead by example;

WHEREAS, the Department of Defense and the military services are acknowledged leaders within the federal government on incorporating sustainability into their vision and mission. For example, the Army has incorporated sustainability into the foundation of its new strategy for the environment with the goal to address both present and future needs of the Army while strengthening community partnerships to help improve the Army’s ability to organize, equip, train and deploy Soldiers as part of a joint force. This Army strategy seeks to benefit from the sustainability interrelationships of mission, the environment, community and economy and has become a model for all of the services;

WHEREAS, military installations and their surrounding communities share the environment around them, including watersheds, air sheds, as well and transportation and energy infrastructure, and installations have found that, to develop a successful installation sustainability plan, the active involvement and support of the surrounding community, including all levels of government, is essential;

WHEREAS, long-term sustainability of military installations in a state and local community provide a variety of benefits to the state and community, including economic, social, cultural, professional, civic, environmental, recreation, etc.; and

WHEREAS, many diverse communities across the United States have embraced some or all of the concepts of sustainability to help achieve the best possible quality of life for the members of those communities, both now and in the future; and a wide and a diverse range of businesses have recognized that some or all of the tenets of sustainability make good business sense for them and have incorporated them into their business model.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, CSG expresses its support and commitment to promoting partnerships with state, federal, local and tribal governmental entities, as well as non-governmental organizations, academia and industry to promote and advance sustainability.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force are encouraged to establish a task force of military and civilian leaders with members of CSG's Energy & Environment Task Force, CSG Associate members, and members of CSG's Executive Committee to identify and promote innovative public policies that enhance energy, water, and natural resource conservation efforts at military installations and in surrounding communities, that support compatible development around military installations, that support installation and mission sustainability as well as protection of training capability, and that support partnerships between installations and communities to identify and implement mutually agreeable sustainability programs.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, CSG encourages the military Services to make it a priority for its uniformed leadership to participate in state legislative and regulatory hearings and local government meetings in order to explain how proposed laws and ordinances will benefit or inhibit the installation's sustainability and mission capability.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, CSG encourages the Department of Defense and its Regional Offices to coordinate interactions between military installations and state and local public officials regarding the sustainability of the military mission and to continue to work with CSG leadership and staff to advance the objectives of this resolution.

Adopted this 14th Day of November, 2009 at the CSG Annual Meeting in La Quinta, CA.