Resolution in Support of Maintaining and Sustaining Federal Homeland Security Funding, While Preserving Traditional All-Hazards and First Responder Programs

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All Resolutions Passed at the 2008 Spring Meeting

WHEREAS, homeland security is a joint responsibility among federal, state, and local governments; and

WHEREAS, our communities and states must have the ability to be nimble and flexible in prevention and preparedness against specific and unknown threats, as each community and state have unique assets, needs and threats; and

WHEREAS, the federal government must keep the national commitment to maintaining homeland security funding and continue the constitutional responsibility to maintain the national defense as the war on terrorism continues; and

WHEREAS, it is vital to maintain and sustain homeland security funding, while preserving traditional all-hazards and first responder programs; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The Council of State Government urges appropriate, ongoing, and consistent federal homeland security funding; and

BE IT THEREFORE FURTHER RESOLVED that The Council of State Governments believes that federal funding for homeland security should be maintained at the current level or increased to address the current threats, as well as new and emerging threats, and the need to meet federal mandates; and

BE IT THEREFORE FURTHER RESOLVED that the traditional all hazards and first responder programs should continue to be funded.

Adopted this 31st Day of May, 2008 at the CSG 75th Anniversary Celebration
in Lexington, Kentucky.

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