Resolution on Increased Efficiency and Coordination on Export Promotion

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WHEREAS, with only one percent of small businesses exporting, U.S. federal and state trade assistance programs need to work in unison to assist as many businesses as possible; and 

WHEREAS, currently, there are over 20 federal agencies that can assist small businesses with some or all of the steps in the export process; and 

WHEREAS, many of these assistance programs overlap and offer duplicative services; and 

WHEREAS, most states have their own trade promotion offices that offer similar consultative services as the federal government; and 

WHEREAS, there is a need for improving the coordination between federal and state export promotion activities and ensuring that tax payer money is being used most efficiently. 

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments supports congressional efforts to increase the efficiency of federal agency outreach and assistance to American small and medium-sized exporters. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments urges inclusion of state export promotion agencies in discussions regarding reorganization of federal agencies responsible for assisting American exporters and small businesses.  

Adopted this 20th Day of May, 2012, at CSG’s 2012 National Leadership Conference in La Quinta, California.