Resolution Honoring the Service of Raymond Scheppach

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WHEREAS, Raymond Scheppach has served as Executive Director of the National Governors Association for 28 years;  

WHEREAS, Mr. Scheppach has championed the interests of states in Washington, spearheading efforts to promote federalism, safeguard state budgets, and highlight the role of states as laboratories of democracy;  

WHEREAS, Mr. Scheppach has played a critical role in fostering policy innovation at both the state and federal level, by catalyzing cutting edge state policy innovations, such as the Common Core education reform effort, and by infusing successful state policy experiments, such as welfare reform, into federal policy debates;  

WHEREAS, through his leadership within the Big Seven coalition of state and local associations, Mr.  Scheppach has ensured that the views and interests of all three branches of state government are advanced on Capitol Hill;  

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the leaders of The Council of State Governments honor Mr.Scheppach as a tireless champion of the states and thank him for his years of service to the state community as he embarks on a new challenge as a member of the University of Virginia faculty.    

Adopted by the Governing Board this 6th Day of December, 2010 at CSG’s 2010 National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island.

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