Protecting America's Economic Driver and Consumers-- Intellectual Property

CSG Intergovernmental Affairs Committee

Protecting America’s Economic Driver and Consumers—Intellectual Property

August 11, 2014

America’s economic engine is fueled by intellectual property rights, which drive innovation and protect consumers. Innovative and creative companies perform better and contribute more to local economies than their counterparts. The direct and indirect economic impacts account for more than 40 percent of U.S. economic growth and employment, 40 million American jobs, 30 percent higher wages and 74 percent of total exports. This session highlighted the latest developments in intellectual property and how they affect your state.


Stephen Ezell, Senior Analyst, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Rob McKenna, Former Attorney General, Washington 

Morgan Reed, Executive Director, Association for Competitive Technology  

Speaker Biographies

Stephen Ezell

Ezell focuses on innovation policy, science and technology policy, international competitiveness, as well as trade, manufacturing and services issues at the foundation. The co-author of Innovation Economics: The Race for Global Advantage, he has extensive experience in innovative research and consulting, as well as market intelligence. 

Rob McKenna

A two-term attorney general, McKenna co-launched the National Association of Attorneys General Intellectual Property Task Force to advance the fight against counterfeiting and piracy. He was the first state attorney general to build a computer forensics lab to collect evidence of Internet fraud and initiated one of the nation's first anti-spyware laws.

Morgan Reed

Reed is a widely respected expert on the intersection of government and technology. Beginning his professional career in Taiwan and China, Morgan works with foreign governments, telecommunications groups, software manufacturers and small business owners to manage the issues of innovation and intellectual property