Prescription Monitoring Program Compact Special Workshop

More than 40 states currently have prescription monitoring programs aimed at reducing the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse. While these programs are a significant accomplishment in the fight against prescription drug abuse, states still are largely unable to share information about prescription drug data on an interstate level. 

To that end, CSG, through the National Center for Interstate Compacts, is leading an effort to design an interstate compact to increase uniformity and information sharing among state prescription drug monitoring programs. Join CSG at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Monday, Dec. 6, 2-5 p.m. for a special workshop focusing on the use and practicality of interstate compacts, the escalating problem of prescription drug abuse and the specific features of the Prescription Monitoring Program Compact.

“This can’t miss session will provide state legislators and policymakers their first opportunity to learn about CSG’s latest compact initiative, which aims to reduce the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse," explains Crady deGolian, senior policy analyst for the National Center for Interstate Compacts. "During the session policymakers will hear from compacts and subject matter experts about the Prescription Monitoring Program Compact and how it can help reduce drug abuse in their states and across the nation.”

This special workshop will take place as part of the CSG 2010 National Conference in Providence, R.I., Dec. 3-6. To view the entire conference agenda, visit For more information about the Prescription Monitoring Program Compact, please contact Crady deGolian at