Potential Impacts of Health Reforms: Examining Consequences of Change

Following a whirlwind tour of the key provisions of the federal health reform law, a panel of health care stakeholders will gaze into their crystal balls and discuss the potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Dec. 4 at the CSG 2010 National Conference.  The session will help state policymakers understand the various lenses through which health reform is viewed, including by health insurance companies, hospitals, state Medicaid programs, physicians and other providers, and consumers.

"David Adkins, CSG executive director, will lead panelists from various components of the health care sector in a lively conversation about the changes coming as a result of federal health reform." states Debra Miller, CSG Director of Health Policy. "We expect panelists to discuss the good ideas in the law but perhaps to identify some of the clunkers too. Health reform will change to very complex system and some of those changes are bound to be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to implement.  Panelists will ponder the question: 'will it be worth it?' The audience will be invited to join in the discussion about what to expect from reform and how to shape it to best meet the needs of their state."

"Potential Impacts of Health Reforms: Examining Consequences of Change" is one of four breakout sessions on health reform that will be presented at the CSG 2010 National Conference in Providence, RI, Dec. 3-6. For more information on each of the sessions, visit www.csg.org/events.