Planning for the Future in Uncertain Times

CSG Transportation Public Policy Committee

Planning for the Future in Uncertain Times

August 10, 2014

This session featured discussion about Alaska’s unique transportation portfolio and how some key state projects and programs are helping the state plan for the future in uncertain times; the future of tolling and public-private partnerships; a new report on how states and communities can incorporate analysis of the life cycle costs of transportation projects into decision-making to maximize infrastructure investments; and government initiatives and partnerships with the private sector to ensure a future for electric and alternative fuel vehicles in the United States.


John R. Binder III, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Transportation  

  Download the presentation "Transportation in Alaska" in PDF (without audio) or in Video (with audio). 

Emily Feenstra, Director of Infrastructure Initiatives, American Society of Civil Engineers 

  Download the presentation "Using Lifecycle Cost Performance for Transportation Planning" in PDF.

Sen. Jerry P. Rhoads, Kentucky Democratic Caucus Whip 

  Download the presentation "The Kentucky Experience" in PDF.

Pat Thomas, Vice President of Global Public Affairs, UPS; and Vice Chairman, American Trucking Associations

  Download the presentation "Trucking Today" in PDF.

Speaker Biographies:

John R. Binder III, Deputy Commissioner

Binder oversees the state’s international airport system, which includes Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and Fairbanks International Airport, and the Division of Statewide Aviation, which encompasses 252 state-owned rural airports. After retiring from the U.S. Air Force, he worked with the FAA to upgrade Alaska’s airspace and air traffic infrastructure. 

Emily Feenstra

Feenstra manages research and development for the association’s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and the Failure to Act economic study series, and oversees related infrastructure research and policy initiatives for the 145,000-member society. Previously, she worked with the Intelligent Transportation Society of America and the Washington State Transportation Center. 

Sen. Jerry P. Rhoads

Rhoads was elected in 2002 to represent a western Kentucky district and currently serves as the minority whip for the Kentucky State Senate. He serves on the Judiciary, Education and Economic Development, Tourism and Labor committees. 

Pat Thomas

Thomas oversees all state legislative, regulatory and U.S. political activities for UPS. He directs a team of state and local public affairs managers across the country. Before joining UPS, Thomas worked as a commercial pilot for various private corporations, flying people and cargo to airports throughout the U.S.