Personal Vehicle Sharing (OR)

Personal Vehicle Sharing (OR) SSL Draft 


This Act defines personal vehicle sharing as the use of a private passenger motor vehicle by people other than the vehicle’s registered owner in connection with a personal vehicle sharing program. It defines a personal vehicle sharing program as a legal entity qualified to do business in the state that is engaged in the business of facilitating the sharing of private passenger motor vehicles for noncommercial use by people within the state.
The Act directs that private passenger motor vehicle insured by the vehicle’s registered owner under an owner’s insurance policy may not be classified as a commercial motor vehicle, forhire motor vehicle, permissive use motor vehicle or livery solely because the vehicle’s registered owner allows the vehicle to be used for personal vehicle sharing if the personal vehicle sharing is conducted under a personal vehicle sharing program and the annual revenue received by the vehicle’s registered owner that was generated by the personal vehicle sharing does not exceed the annual expenses of owning and operating the vehicle, including depreciation, interest, lease payments, motor vehicle loan payments, insurance, maintenance, parking, fuel, cleaning, automobile repair and costs associated with personal vehicle sharing, including but not limited to the installation, operation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, signage identifying the vehicle as a personal vehicle sharing vehicle and any fees charged by a personal vehicle sharing program.
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Status: Enacted into law in 2011.

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