Numerous bills on sports betting in play in this year’s sessions

With a case on federalism and the authority of states to allow for sports betting before the U.S. Supreme Court this term, several related bills have been introduced in capitols across the Midwest.

Among the proposals:

• Michigan’s HB 4926, which would allow the state’s casinos “to conduct internet wagering on amateur or professional sporting events or contests if the wagering were not prohibited by federal law.”
• Iowa’s HSB 592, which, according to The Des Moines Register, would authorize sports betting online or at the state’s casinos.
• Indiana’s SB 405 and HB 1325, which would allow sports wagering at the state’s casinos, racinos and satellite facilities.
• Kansas’ HB 2533, which envisions sports gambling at the state’s racetrack gaming facilities.
• Illinois’ SB 2478, which would create the Sports Betting Consumer Protection Act.
The U.S. Supreme Court case centers on the state of New Jersey’s attempts to remove restrictions on sports gambling and a federal law that stops most states from sanctioning this activity.
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