New Brief on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Automated toll collection at full highway speeds… traffic cameras… optimized traffic lights… roadway message signs… traveler information services. All are examples of intelligent transportation system technologies being implemented in many states that hold the promise of making travel safer, more efficient and less harmful to the environment. A new Capitol Research brief examines how these technologies and others on the horizon can help maximize the capacity of infrastructure, reduce the need for additional highway capacity, improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and emissions, collect real-time data to measure and improve transportation system performance, deliver more benefits at a lower cost compared to heftier investments to build more roads or expand existing roads, and save lives.

It also looks at why the United States lags other industrialized nations in implementing these technologies and what states are doing to help us catch up. The policy brief is one of the first released under the new Capitol Research title, which replaces CSG’s Trends in America series. It can be read here: