Nearly $18 Million Spent in Colorado on Amendment 68, Limited Gaming Proceeds for K-12 Education

Colorado voters will be asked to decide if K-12 education should be funded in part by expanding gambling opportunities by adding slot machines and game tables at horse racetracks.  Money deposited into the K-12 Education Fund would be dispensed to local school districts on a per-pupil basis.  These dollars would be required to be utilized on reducing class size, obtaining technology for teachers and students, enhancing school safety and security and improving school facilitites.

Three counties would be impacted by the amendment -  Arapahoe, Mesa or Pueblo counties - and those racetracks would be allowed to install slot machines, card tables for blackjack and poker, roulette tables and craps tables.

Coloradans for Better Schools states Amendment 68 will provide $114 million in funds to school districts annually.  The group's website states that the funds will allow flexibility for districts to spend the money on what they feel is most important.

The registered opposition, Vote No on Colorado Amendment 68, lists these reasons to defeat the initiative:  

  • Colorado Amendment 68 was written by and for the benefit of a Rhode Island casino operator who wants to use Colorado gambling dollars to shore up his financially troubled Rhode Island casino.
  • Colorado Amendment 68 is vague with too many loose ends, poorly defined details and unanswered questions.
  • Colorado Amendment 68 ignores the current constitutional requirement that ensures voters in local communities have a say, with a public vote, before a casino is forced on them by a statewide ballot measure.

​ABC 7 News Denver said "this may also be the most expensive campaign in Colorado this election season, with several seven-digit contributions reported by the issue committees on both sides of the fight."