Marijuana legalization will be on ballot in South Dakota; sales begin in Michigan and Illinois

The future of South Dakota’s marijuana laws is in the hands of the state’s voters. In late 2019 and early 2020, Secretary of State Steve Barnett validated the signatures of petitions for two different ballot proposals — one is an initiated measure to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, the second is a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize recreational and medical marijuana.

Both of these questions will appear on the November ballot.
Voters in three other Midwestern states have been asked to legalize recreational marijuana in recent years. Results have been mixed: Proposals failed in North Dakota and Ohio, but passed in Michigan. According to, Michigan’s recreational sales began in December and totaled close to $6.5 million; those numbers are expected to rise as more retailers get licensed. Illinois is the other Midwestern state where recreational marijuana is now legal, the result of legislative action last year (HB 1438).