Louisiana Requires Sex Offenders to Identify Themselves on Social Media

House Rep. Jeffrey Thompson of Louisiana's District 8 recently sponsored House Bill 249, the first bill in the nation to require sex offenders and child predators to identify themselves as such on any social networking site they use.

The law goes into effect on August 1, 2012, and it will require sex offenders to display the following information:

  1. a notice of the crime for which he was convicted;
  2. the jurisdiction of conviction;
  3. a description of his physical characteristics;
  4. and his residential address.

Facebook and many other popular networking sites prohibit sex offenders from using their sites, and Facebook bans anyone under the age of 13 from joining.  According to CNN, Rep. Thompson believed that this law would be "another tool for prosecutors."  He didn't want to "leave [it] in the hands of social network or Facebook administrators."