Legislator's Toolkit for Diabetes: Taking Action

During 2012-2013, as part of the ongoing CSG Diabetes Initiative, a series of meeting sessions, research briefs, and webinars have been made available to state legislators, state government officials and other CSG partners to explore the rapid growth of diabetes and how it is increasing health care costs across the states.

Nearly 26 million Americans are diagnosed with the disease. The American Diabetes Association estimates the total costs of diagnosed diabetes was $245 billion in 2012, up nearly 17 percent from $174 billion in 2007. 

The CSG inititative has particularly centered on legislative efforts to tackle diabetes prevention and treatment. Illinois formed a diabetes caucus and a North Carolina task force of legislators has met for over a year. Action plan legislation, including in Kentucky and highlighted by the CSG Suggested State Legislation program, has required state planning for diabetes across state personnel departments (for current and retired public employees), public health and Medicaid. 

CSG Meeting Sessions on Diabetes

  • CSG-East Regional Meeting, "Diabetes: What is It Costing Your State?" Puerto Rico, December 8, 2013 Download presentations
  • CSG-West Regional Meeting, "Diabetes: What is It Costing Your State?" Las Vegas, NV, August 1, 2013 See meeting summary and presentations
  • CSG Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, December 14, 2012 Download presentations
  • CSG Spring Meeting, Health Policy Academy Diabetes: From Treatment to Prevention, La Quinta, CA, May 18, 2012 Download presentations

CSG Research Briefs on Diabetes

  • "Diabetes: A Costly Epidemic," July, 2013 Download EastMidwestSouthWest briefs
  • "Diabetes: A Growing Epidemic," Nov. 2012 Download
  • "Diabetes by Age and Race," March 2012 Download 
  • "Diabetes: States Continue Tackling the Massive Health Issue," June 2011 Download

CSG Webinar: Preparing State for Diabetes Action Plan Legislation, August 22, 2013

Diabetes Legislation

  • Kentucky, Diabetes Reporting, CSG Adopted Suggested State Legislation, 2013 Volume 72. Link here, scroll to page 41.
  • Georgia, Caring for Student with Diabetes in School, CSG Suggested State Legislation, Adopted, 2014 Volume 74. Link here, scroll to pages 105-106.
  • North Carolina, Joint Legislative Task Force on Diabetes Prevention and Awareness, Adopted Resolution, 2011. 
  • IllinoisLegislative Diabetes Caucus, Adopted Resolution, 2011. Caucus website.
  • Michigan, Diabetes Reporting and Costs Estimates, Proposed Legislation, 2011-2012
  • New Jersey, Diabetes Action Plan, Adopted Legislation, 2013