Legislative and Executive Branch Election Results

Yesterday's legislative and executive branch results did not offer up many suprises.Only three states held regularly scheduled legislative elections, while two state elected governors. Below is a summary of the current results:

Legislative Branch Results

Three states, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia held legislative elections on Tuesday. The results of yesterday’s elections were as expected in most cases.

The Mississippi Senate will remain in Republican control and it looks as though the party will have won enough seats to take over the House if the current results stand.

  • Republicans will gain a few seats in the Senate. As it currently stands, Republicans have gained at least two seats. The margin is 29R-22D with one undecided race.
  • With a number of races still too close to call, it appears as though Republicans will have picked up at least nine seats with the possibility of a few more. They only needed eight seats to take over the majority.

New Jersey Senate and House remained virtually the same. The Senate Democrats kept their 24-16 advantage while they picked up one seat in the General Assembly, 48-32.

In Virginia, Democrats lost their four-seat advantage in the Senate after yesterday’s elections. If all current outcomes remain, the Senate will have a 20-20 tie. In the House, Republicans look to have picked up seats and will have a 67-32-1 advantage. This will be the largest Republican majority to ever serve in the Virginia House

Two states held recall elections yesterday in order to attempt to remove legislators from office. Both attempts, one in Arizona and one in Michigan, were successful.

  • Arizona voters successfully recalled Senate President Russell Pearce. The first Arizona legislator to ever be recalled, Pearce was the author of the state’s controversial immigration law.
  • Michigan voters recalled Rep. Paul Scott. His seat will be filled with a special election on Feb. 28.

Special elections for legislative vacancies were held in Georgia (4 seats), Iowa (1 seat), Missouri (4 seats), Tennessee (1 seat), Texas (1 seat) and Wisconsin (1 seat) yesterday.

In Iowa, the Senate avoided heading to a 25-25 ties with the successful election of Democrat Liz Mathis in the open Senate seat.

Executive Branch Results

Two states, Kentucky and Mississippi, held executive branch elections yesterday. The Democrats maintained control of the governorship in Kentucky while the Republicans held onto the seat in Mississippi.

Kentucky Results:

  • Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear handily won re-election over Senate President David L. Williams.
  • Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes was elected secretary of state.
  • Democrat Jack Conway was re-elected attorney general.
  • Democrat Todd Hollenbach was re-elected treasurer.
  • Democrat Adam Edelen was elected auditor.
  • Republican James Comer was elected commissioner of agriculture.

Mississippi Results:

  • Republican Phil Bryant was elected governor over Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny L. DuPree.
  • Republican Tate Reeves was elected lieutenant governor.
  • Republican Delbert Hosemann was re-elected as secretary of state.
  • Democrat Jim Hood was re-elected as attorney general.
  • Republican Stacey E. Pickering was re-elected as state auditor.
  • Republican Lynn Fitch was elected state treasurer.
  • Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith was elected commissioner of agriculture and commerce
  • Republican Mike Chaney was re-elected as insurance commissioner.