Leadership Center Webinar: Protecting Your Online Identity

State leaders are caught between a rock and a hard place.  The public expects them to be accessible on social media and the web, but these tools open up a range of public relations and technological literacy challenges.  Given that many state leaders may not have the resources for a communcations staff to manage their online identity, CSG will be offering the webinar Protecting Your Online Identity as part of its Leadership Center program to empower public servants in state government. 

The webinar will explore a variety of topics that will help state leaders feel more comfortable navigating the social media and web space.  I'll be providing insights derived from CSG's social media bootcamps, and I am quite excited to be joined by the talented Brian Selander.  He has a distinguished academic and professional background, teaching as a former graduate instructor at UPENN and now working for Governor Jack Markell of Delaware.  He's worked with CSG in the past, and we are proud to have him on this webinar.  He has an incredible talent for explaining communications topics in the digital world in a manner that is accessible, and his professional background has equipped him with a variety of anecdotes with which to illustrate his insights. 

Please join us as we share some useful insights about how to navigate this digital world.  Register for the webinar by clicking here.