Iowa gets ideas for advancing computer science instruction

A work group established earlier this year by the Iowa Legislature has issued a series of recommendations for strengthening computer science education in the state’s K-12 schools. Ideas include:
  • allowing students to use computer science to meet certain math credit requirements (after they’ve taken courses that cover the state’s required math standards);
  • better integrating computer science courses into schools’ career and technical education pathway; and
  • eventually making computer science a part of the state’s high school graduation requirement.

In addition to creating the work group, Iowa’s SF 274 encourages computer science instruction in every Iowa school by July 2019, creates a professional development fund for teachers, and establishes computer science standards and a new teacher endorsement in this subject area. The national, nonprofit group identifies nine specific state actions related to computer science. They include requiring that high schools offer such instruction, developing statewide standards and certifications, and funding training in this subject area for current and future teachers.
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