Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission Continues Growth

Marking an extraordinary month of growth, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission (IMLCC) added two more states to its roster as Kansas and Mississippi saw their states compact legislation signed into law.

Governor Sam Brownback signed legislation authorizing Kansas to join the Commission as its 15th member on May 13th and Mississippi became the Commission's 16th member on May 17th with the signature of Governor Phil Bryant.

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact was created as a means to offer an expedited licensing process for eligible physicians interested in practicing in multiple states. With an estimated physician shortage of 90,000 by the year 2020, the enactment of the compact and the establishment of the Compact Commission, the governing body of the compact, offers a means by which states are seeking to improve access to care.

The Council of State Governments National Center for Interstate Compacts has continued to support both the passage of the compact legislation as well as the work of the compact commission.

Kansas and Mississippi join Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Montana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah, West Virgina, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


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