Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission August 24, 2016 Full Commission Meeting Minutes



August 24, 2016



The fifth meeting of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission was called to order at 1:05 PM via conference call and webinar by Chairman Ian Marquand (MT).


Roll Call was completed by Secretary Shepard (WV) with 24 of the 34 appointed commissioners present.   Later during the call Commissioner Thomas (MN), Commissioner Brunson (MS), Commissioner Cousineau (NV) and Commission Schaecher (UT) joined the call. 

Alternates were named and approved for Alabama, Idaho and Iowa for today’s meeting.   



The draft agenda was presented for review.  On a motion by Commissioner Steinagel (UT) and seconded by Commissioner Simons (WI) the agenda was approved as presented. 



The minutes from the Commission meeting of June 24, 2016 meeting were presented by Secretary Shepard.  Commissioner Simons (WI) moved approval of the minutes with a second by Commissioner Knittle (WV).  The minutes were approved by voice vote with grammatical corrections. 


Report on Compact Status:

Mississippi Commissioners Brunson and Hall were welcomed to their first Commission meeting.  No notification has been received on any appointed commissioners for New Hampshire, to date.  All other member states had at least one commissioner present for today’s call.


Chairperson’s Report:

Chairman Marquand (MT) had five items to present to the Commission:


            1)         Fifty-five (55) communications have been received by the Commission since

                        the last meeting.  Chairman Marquand (MT) provided a Communications

                        Appendix listing all of the inquiries and the Commission’s responses.


            2)         Upcoming presentations to be given by Chairman Marquand (MT) include

                        the September 14, 2016 meeting of the National Crime, Prevention and Privacy

                        Compact Council in Greensboro, NC and a request has been received from American                       

                         Well to participate in a webinar in September.


            3)         The Chairman suggested compiling a calendar of dates for upcoming IMLC

                        meetings in 2017.  This will allow for better planning for travel, accommodations

                        and commissioners’ advance scheduling.


            4)         Chairman Marquand (MT) also requested input from new Commissioners as to

                        what committees they may be interested in serving as appointees.  The Chair hopes

                        to have 6-7 Commissioners on each Committee.


            5)         The final issue dealt with the recent letters received by the medical boards of

                        Minnesota and Montana from the FBI regarding criminal background checks. 

                        Chairman Marquand (MT) asked Commissioner Martinez (MN) to update the




Commissioner Martinez (MN) asked permission for Shawn McCarthy, with the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, to speak of the Minnesota experience with the US Department of Justice. 

There is a question of authority for the IMLC to require criminal background checks by the home state of licensure and then “disseminating” that information to other member states. 

To provide assistance in communicating that information from a criminal background check will not be sent to anyone other than the home state, Commissioner Martinez (MN) made the following motion which was seconded by Commissioner Lippert (KS):


                        Rick Masters, CSG, and Chairman Marquand (MT) should continue working

                        with Montana and Minnesota in addressing this issue.  They should also

                        request to attend and present clarifying information at the November, full

                        meeting of the National Crime, Prevention and Privacy Compact Council as a

                        follow up to Chairman Marquand’s presentation at their September committee

                        meeting in Greensboro.  Talking points should be developed for both presentations.


The motion unanimously carried by voice vote.



Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:

Minutes from the July 19, 2016 and the August 2, 2016 Executive Committee meetings were presented for information and discussion. 


Budget Committee/Treasurer:

Current balance in the bank account was reported at $25,000.  The $1,000 contribution from FSMB has not yet been received.  The 2017 budget is being prepared and will be presented at the October meeting of the Commission.  

The attainment of a credit card/debit card for the IMLCC has been referred to the Executive Committee.


Funding Committee:

The Chairman had not yet joined the conference call and the report was summarized by Chairman Marquand (MT).  The future function of the Funding Committee will revolve around auditing as licensure fees begin to come into the Commission. 


Communications Committee:

Communications Committee Chairperson Hansen (SD) reported on the numerous inquiries received by the Commission and referred to the Communications Committee Appendix in the briefing books listing those communications. 

She also reported that work continues to retrieve the domain which is in ownership by another party or to purchase another URL for which the credit or debit card will be required. 


Personnel Committee:

The committee met by telephone on August 11, 2016 and reviewed a draft “secondment agreement” provided by the Technology Committee as an outline for the agreement with the Federation of State Medical Boards in securing a Project Manager. 

The agreement was approved by the Personnel Committee. 


Technology Committee:

Chairman Bohnenblust (WY) and the committee continue to work with the Personnel and Budget Committees as the Licensure Project moves forward. 

He reviewed the Secondment Agreement with the Commission and announced the hiring of Wanda Bowling as Project Manager, under contract with FSMB.


Wanda Bowling will be introduced to the Commission at the October meeting in Kansas City.

An agreement has also been reached for 100% of Ms. Bowling’s time to be dedicated to the IMLCC. 

A summary of the licensing process will also be presented by the Technology Committee at the

October meeting of the Commission.


Chairman Bohnenblust also suggested that, in order to complete the budgeting process for 2017, a fixed fee may need to be determined by the Commission on what home states will charge for processing an IMLC license. 


Bylaws/Rules Committee:

Chairman Bowden (IA) announced that the Bylaws Committee is prepared to make a motion to initiate the Rulemaking on Expedited Licensure with the second draft presented today and ready for public comment.

Clarification was given on Section 5.6(b) once an applicant is granted a letter of qualification, that letter is active for 365 days.  This allows the physician 365 days to request expedited licensure in another member state.  

The committee’s recommendation to notice the Rule For Expedited Licensure was approved by voice vote. 


Report From Federation of State Medical Boards:

No one from FSMB was on the call and no report was given.


Report of Council of State Government:

Colmon Elridge reminded commissioners to notify Kay Taylor for hotel and flight reservations as soon as possible for the October meeting of the Commission in Kansas City. 

For those commissioners who will be unable to be present physically, a webinar and conference call will be made available


Next Meeting Dates for the Commission:         

The next face to face meeting of the IMLCC will be held October             3, 2016, in Kansas City, KS.  This will

be a one day meeting beginning at 8:00 AM and hoping to finish by 3:30 PM to allow for evening flights back home.  Arizona continues to serve as host for a December meeting, if needed. 

A tentative date of December 12, 2016 was scheduled for either a conference call or face to face meeting, as needed.


Executive Committee continues to meet every other week with the next conference call scheduled for August 30, 2016 at 3:00 PM EST.


The Chairman opened the call for public comments, however, there were none.




Adjournment:                                        On a motion by Commissioner Simons (WI) and seconded

                                                            by Commissioner Thomas (MN) the meeting adjourned at

                                                            2:35 PM EST.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                                Diana Shepard, CMBE

                                                                                                Commission Secretary

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