Interstate Compact Nears Completion

The Prescription Monitoring Program Compact is nearly drafted following a successful meeting between CSG staff and prescription monitoring program experts.  During the day-and-a-half meeting the draft compact underwent a detailed review, with extensive emphasis placed on the compact's Purpose Statement, its definitions, Article III dealing with authorized uses and restrictions on the prescription data, Article IV addressing technology and security, and Article V addressing funding.

Forty-three states currently have prescription monitoring programs in place.  Based on that number, CSG staff and subject matter experts felt strongly that the next logical step in the fight against prescription drug abuse was to allow states to share data on an interstate level.  The compact, which was endorsed by CSG's 21st Century Foundation, aims to share prescription drug data across state lines, while also protecting patient privacy. 

Following an additional review by CSG staff, the draft compact will be circulated back to the drafting and advisory teams for their review, along with other interested stakeholders for comment.  After the review period, the legislation should be ready for introduction in the states during the 2011 legislative session.